16 Aug


August 17, 2021 – What is the most important job in America? Have you ever thought about this question?  It is a job that improves students’ academic results, improves children’s health, reduces children’s stress and anxiety, develops children’s character and confidence, reduces the chance kids will smoke or do drugs, improves national security, and provides a pathway to life-long well-being.   It is a job which is overlooked and disrespected by 1000’s of schools in America – It is a physical education teacher. This is the conclusion by a successful executive who has managed major companies and been inducted into two Hall of Fames.

Jim Baugh, the Founder of national charity, PHIT America, challenges anyone to come up with a job that does even half of the benefits listed above.  “I have studied what is happening to kids, and it is so obvious physical education teachers are the vital link to improving kids physical and mental health and providing kids with life-long wellness. When a PE teacher does his or her job, they even prevent and reduce healthcare costs. All of the benefits of a PE Teacher can be found at MostImportantJob.org.”

America’s children are in bad shape. In fact, UNICEF ranked US Kids in last place – 38th out of 38 countries – in physical health. The British Journal of Sports Medicine has US Kids ranked 47th out of 50 countries in fitness.  One of the biggest reasons for this is nearly 50% of schools have eliminated or greatly reduced physical education.

“Our country is fighting another pandemic that no one talks about…the Inactivity Pandemic. Almost 90% of kids are not active to CDC physical activity standards. The only thing they move consistently is their thumbs. Increased physical activity improves kids physical and mental health and there is no better way to do this than through quality physical education programs in schools,” says Baugh.  “That is why a PE teacher is the most important job in America.”

At MostImportantJob.org, you can view a 7-minute video, the Super 7 Benefits of a physical education teacher and videos from various experts.   PE Teachers are encouraged to push out the videos and push people to MostImportantJob.org.

“Education leaders have totally devalued the importance of being physically active for improved academic results. The research is so conclusive. And with academic results being stagnant over the past 10 years, we must get physical activity back into the lives of children to wake up children’s’ brains. The Chinese get it. Other countries get it. Physical activity does so much for children…and we have cut this out of their lives.

PHIT America is a non-profit organization, established in 2013, leading a national ‘Movement’ to greatly improve the physical and mental health of 50 million children in the USA. PHIT has already helped over 1100 schools rebuild their physical activity programs. All data and research sources can be found at IP.PHITAmerica.org. PHIT America is led by Sports Industry Hall of Fame and former President of Wilson Sporting Goods, Jim Baugh. Jim is also in the Tennis Industry Hall of Fame.  His first job when he was in grad school was to set up a physical education program for a school in Trenton, NJ.  He was the PE teacher there for 2 years. To learn more about Jim, go to Jim.PHITAmerica.org For more information, visit PHITAmerica.org. To learn more about PHIT America, please contact Jolyn de Boer at Jolyn@PHITAmerica.org or Jim Baugh at Jim@PHITAmerica.org.