SEATTLE, WA – December 23, 2019 – The Seattle-based Julia Love Pritt Private Foundation has made a $2 million donation to PHIT America, a non-profit group whose sole purpose is to reverse the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ in the U.S. by funding physical activity programs to help children get more fit and healthy. PHIT America’s school-based walking and running program directly impacts the lives of over 24,000 students in the Pacific Northwest. According to Sports Marketing Surveys only 7 percent of U.S. children meet the CDC physical activity standards.

“Kids who exercise are healthier and have higher academic achievement,” said PHIT America Founder Jim Baugh. “This generous donation will help us to reach our goal of getting 100,000 children in the Pacific Northwest to become more physically active and alert in school.”

Donations to PHIT America subsidize the AMPED program, a before-school physical activity program, which inspires children to walk and run before school.  For underprivileged youth who want to play competitive sports, but lack financial assistance, The PASS program supports their entry fee to local recreational sports programs or provides the registration fees for their school’s sports team.

These programs are necessary because physical education classes have been cut or reduced in many schools. According to SHAPE America, 48 percent of all U.S. schools don’t have physical education classes.

“We see too many kids who are sedentary or can’t afford to play sports,” said Darren Pritt, Chairman of the Julia Love Pritt Foundation. “We now have over 39,000 students from more than 88 schools activated with AMPED and an additional 450 students in the Pacific Northwest now playing recreational league sports, thanks to support from PHIT America.”  

PHIT America is a non-profit campaign focused on overcoming the ramifications of the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ by funding physical activity and sports programs which will get 50 million children more physically active and fit for improved health and academic performance.

The AMPED and PASS programs are developed by 7-year PHIT America strategic partner, KIDS in the GAME, who is the leader in providing outstanding programs to get kids physically active and playing sports.