11 Sep


 The U.S. is a nation that loves sports, but, sadly, too many American love watching sports more than they are actually playing sports.  As a result, there’s an ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ affecting the U.S. which is negatively impacting 83 million Americans.  That message was delivered yesterday by Jim Baugh, Founder of PHIT America, in Los Angeles at the LA84 Foundation Summit at the Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown.  The theme of the 8th Annual LA84 Foundation Summit was “Play Equity:  Elevating the Game for Our Kids.” 

The goal of the Summit was to “address the contributions that youth sports, structured play, and physical activity make to their success in school and life.”  Baugh’s message – “Sitting Is the NewSmoking” -- was in sync with the theme of the summit.

During his presentation, Baugh addressed the negative ramifications of physical inactivity in today’s society.  “Physical inactivity negatively impacts health care costs, academic achievement by children, and military readiness,” revealed Baugh.

Baugh delivered many facts on physical activity that were eye-opening for those in his audience.  Listed below are a few of Baugh’s factual points of interest:

-- The percentage of children in the U.S. (age 6-17) who are physically active at least 3 days a week is decreasing in fitness related activities – now less than 25 per cent.  (Source:  Physical Activity Council)

-- There are 50 million children in the U.S. who are not physically active to CDC Activity Standards. (Source: Sports Marketing Survey)

-- U.S. children rank 47th in global fitness. (Source:  British Journal of Sports Medicine)

-- The issue is so severe that the U.S. Army is currently having difficulty recruiting troops physically fit enough to make it through boot camp (Source:  U.S. Army)

So, what’s the best way to reverse the status quo?

“We need to get children physically active during the school day and that starts with more recess and physical education at school – every day,” added Baugh.  “Right now, our children are far too sedentary.  That must change.  As result, we are reaping the dividends and they are not good.”

PHIT America is an educational and advocacy campaign creating a Movement for a Fit and Healthy America. PHIT America will communicate to millions of Americans starting in early 2013 through over 100 industry supporters called Alliance Sponsors. For more information about PHIT America, contact www.PHITAmerica.org.