21 Oct


(WASHINGTON, DC) – October 21, 2020 - According to the UNICEF 2020 Report Card, USA Kids are ranked dead last in physical health. PHIT America, the national charity for kids’ health, is challenging Americans, in particular its 200 million sports participants and fans to step up to get kids more active and healthier.  UNICEF looked at 38 countries and the USA was ranked last – 38th out of 38 countries in physical health. The USA was also ranked near the bottom (32nd) in both ‘skills’ & ‘mental well-being’.  

PHIT America, whose mission is to improve the physical and mental health of 50 million children, is launching a national campaign, Which America Do You Want?, showing both “Today’s America” compared to a “PHIT America”.  Sports and fitness fans among tennis, basketball, soccer, running and 6 other activities will be targeted.

Jim Baugh, Founder of PHIT America, explains. “Most Americans, especially serious participants are not aware that our kids are in bad shape.   Besides the UNICEF study, there is other eye-opening research:

  • The British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that US kids are ranked 47th out of 50 countries in the world in fitness
  • 93% of children are not active to the CDC’s physical activity standards

Baugh adds, “Our kids are so sedentary and unhealthy. We should be embarrassed. We are in last place.  Sport participants obviously want a more active and healthy world but we must do something to make this happen.  We are potentially losing a whole generation of future sports participants, compounded by COVID, which has vast consequences on our nation’s well-being and economy.”

PHIT is asking all Americans to sign The Petition For Healthy Kids. This petition states, Every Child Must Have At Least 30 Minutes of Physical Activity 3 Days A Week In School Every Week

“Americans can directly change this by making a donation to PHIT America at PHITKids.org,” says Baugh. “We get kids more physically active and on the road to a much healthier lifestyle for less than $10 per child. We also introduce the kids to sports and after school programs.  Physical inactivity is the #1 issue our nation is facing and we are fiercely advocating for greater awareness, support and action.”

Through its established physical activity programs, PHIT America has introduced over half a million kids to regular physical activity in schools.  PHIT welcomes private and corporate donations in its pursuit to end the Inactivity Pandemic.   Donate, sign the petition and learn more about PHIT initiatives by visiting PHITAmerica.org. All data and research sources can be found on IP.PHITAmerica.org.  PHIT America is led by sports industry hall of fame member, Jim Baugh

For more information, please contact Jim Baugh at 561-529-2989 or email Jim@PHITAmerica.org