22 Feb


America’s ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ is for real and the details are now in black and white for everybody to see.  The current editions of two sporting goods industry trade publications have produced a pair of strong stories that focus on the work of PHIT America to reverse the ‘Inactivity Pandemic,’ which now impacts more than 80 million U.S. residents.

The most recent issues of Sports Insight and Running Insight, both produced by Formula4Media, LLC, provide a clear statistical picture of the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ and how it negatively impacts current and future sales in the sporting goods and running industries. 

“As trade publishers, it’s our job to point retailers to growth opportunities,” said Mark Sullivan, Publisher, Formula4 Media.  “And, there is no bigger growth opportunity than to create new athletes and new customers through increased physical fitness. The more they work out, the more they will buy and that is a major advantage our industry has. We can actually create new consumers for our products.”

“These two stories really help tell the story about the negative impact of physical inactivity in America,” said Jim Baugh, Founder, PHIT America.  “The biggest reason for industry-wide declines in sales for manufacturers and retailers can be attributed to physical inactivity.  And, the biggest root of the problem is the lack of physical education in our schools.  That must change and PHIT America is committed to that change.”

The Running Insight story is titled ‘Making’ More Runners:  A Solution to Declining Participation.  The Sports Insight story is called The Solution to Declining Participation:  Developing New Sports & Fitness Participants.  In both stories, strong and attention-grabbing statistics are shared with the readers:

  1. )Issue:  Drops in U.S. Walking/Running Participation.  Story:  Since 2013, running participation is down.  Since 2015, walking participation is down.  Impact:  Declines in sports participation negatively impact sales.
  2. )Issue:  Physically Inactive Children.  Story:  Since 2011, the number of physically active children (age 6-17) in the U.S. has declined every year.  Impact:  Physically inactive children don’t play sports nor do they need sports products.   
  3. )Issue:  The ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ Is Big and Getting Bigger.  Story:  In recent years, the number of physically inactive Americans has risen to 81.4 million in the U.S.  Impact:  Physically inactive people are not avid purchasers of sports products because they are not active playing sports, exercising, or working out.

In addition to the eye-opening charts and tables which clearly showcase the ‘big-picture’ issue of physical inactivity in the U.S., the story shares the three-pronged approach being taken by PHIT America to reverse the ‘Inactivity Pandemic:’

  1. PHIT America GO! Grants:  The grants to elementary schools help create new sports participants and consumers.  One specific program which is subsidized by GO! Grants is The Morning Mile, a before-school activity program which gets students running and walking prior to each school day.
  2. PHIT America Month:  This is a national marketing and events campaign to get America moving.  This May is PHIT America Month.  This national event will promote and encourage millions of Americans to Get Moving in May 2018.  The goal for PHIT America Month is to get active people to be more active and to offer programs to get sedentary Americans physically moving.
  3. The PHIT Act:  The PHIT Act, now being considered by the U.S. Congress, will lower the cost for family members to get physically active, reduce the financial impact of enrollments fees for children in sports programs, and make buying sports equipment more affordable.