7 Apr

Coping During COVID-19: Tips To Stay Healthy

Washington, D.C. (Tuesday, April 7) – PHIT America, a non-profit that funds physical activity programs to help children get more fit and healthy, is encouraging families to Get Moving during the COVID-19 crisis. With Americans becoming more and more sedentary in recent weeks, PHIT America has launched the campaign How to Cope with Coronavirus. Available at Coping.PHITAmerica.org, it offers 10 Tips of physical activities families can enjoy both outside and at home.  PHIT America will publish a new tip every two days on its Social Media channels.

Families are not only encouraged to take advantage of these tips, but also to share how they are implementing them in their own lives on Social Media using the hashtags: #PHITTips #PHITFamily #CopingwithCOVID.  Each week, PHIT America will select one “PHIT Family” to feature on its Social Media.

PHIT America Founder, Jim Baugh, explains. “We have to keep America moving. Being physically active reduces stress, fights off disease, clears your brain and keeps you fit and healthier. It is truly the ‘Wonder Drug’. With the stress Americans are feeling, we need to keep everyone active now more than ever.  We have the greatest medicine in the world in physical activity. It is time for all Americans to use it!”

In a study published by CNBC, 160,000 sport & fitness participants saw their activity levels fall by 39 percent since March 12.  This trend is bad for Americans’ bodies and minds. Physical activity is one of the best ways Americans can cope with the Coronavirus Pandemic. As Thomas Frieden, the former Director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has said, “Physical activity is the closest thing we have to a wonder drug.  People who are physically active live longer and have a lower risk for many chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.” 

“We are also reaching out to many of our sports and fitness industry partners to expose our campaign with their contacts. We are already working on our next 10 tips, as we know the month of April will be tough. Our tips are ways Americans can cope with pressures of COVID-19 and use for the rest of their lives.”

Anyone with additional tips who would like to be part of PHIT America’s ‘movement’, is encouraged to contact Jim Baugh at Jim@PHITAmerica.org.

About PHIT America

PHIT America is a non-profit focused on overcoming the ramifications of a sedentary lifestyle by funding physical activity programs, which will get Americans, especially children, more physically active, fit and healthy. According to Sports Marketing Surveys only seven percent of U.S. children meet the CDC physical activity standards. Donations to PHIT America subsidize the AMPED program, a before-school physical activity program, which inspires children to walk and run before school.  For underprivileged youth who want to play competitive sports, but lack financial assistance, The PASS program supports their entry fee to local recreational sports programs or provides the registration fees for their school’s sports team. These programs are necessary, because physical education classes have been cut or reduced in many schools. According to SHAPE America, 48 percent of all U.S. schools don’t have physical education classes. For more information on PHIT America, please visit: www.phitamerica.org


Kirsten Andresen

PHIT America