Tennis has been one of the most popular sports around the world for decades. Over the last year and a half, participation in tennis has also dramatically increased in the United States due to it being one of the safest sports to play during the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, tennis is one of the best sports for kids to get involved in at an early age. Here are all the benefits of picking up a racket and learning to play tennis:

  • A Healthy Lifestyle - Playing tennis helps kids stay active regularly and live a healthy lifestyle. The exercise you get from playing tennis helps improve cardiovascular health, helps lose weight, boosts your immune system, and helps fight diseases and illnesses. According to a recent study, playing tennis regularly can even add nearly 10 years to your life.

  • Community - Tennis is also a social sport because you need a partner to play with (or 3 other players if you are playing doubles). This can lead to new friendships, connections, and opportunities to interact socially for kids who might struggle to make friends. This can help them feel like they are a part of something and stop feelings of isolation.

  • Physical Skills - Playing tennis also helps to build and maintain important physical skills, which include increased dexterity, agility, hand-eye coordination, mobility, balance, and flexibility. These skills are important for children to develop and will be useful in other parts of their lives as they grow up.

  • Stress Relief - Getting physical exercise by playing tennis also helps relieve stress and improve mental health, which decreases the risk of high blood pressure and other health issues. Tennis also allows kids to have fun while they are getting exercise since they are playing a game. Similarly, they can focus on the task at hand and not worry about anything else while they play.

  • Workout for Your Brain - Playing tennis is also a workout for our brains because we are strategizing while we play and reacting to what our opponent does. This helps boost mental alertness and critical thinking skills, both of which are important for children to develop.

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