The United States spends nearly $3.8 trillion a year on healthcare, which is 17.7% of its GDP and equates to over $11,500 per person. This national health expenditure is one of the highest amongst any country in the entire world and exemplifies the severity of health issues America is grappling with. While the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are big business in America, there are some alternative methods for how individuals and our country as a whole can reduce healthcare costs. One of the most important things we can do is make sure the children of our country stay active. Here’s why:

Making sure children stay active may seem like a normal way for younger generations to play and expend energy, but it is also a version of preventative care that underlines the importance of being healthy. According to the CDC, nearly 93% of children in the United States (about 50 million) are not active to the CDC’s physical activity standards. If children stay active, even just by running or walking regularly, they are less likely to become obese or develop certain health issues during their childhood. This is also beneficial because these children are also more likely to continue their positive health and exercise habits into adulthood. 

This helps to reduce healthcare costs over the lifetime of an individual, from childhood to when they become an adult. By eating healthy and staying active, people can avoid extra visits to the doctor, expensive prescriptions, and they will even be less likely to develop diseases (some of which require expensive, specialized care).

Sometimes staying active and fit can be difficult for children on their own, but there are many wellness programs that can help them get active, build routines, and boost their health without their families having to spend a lot of money or buy unnecessary equipment. By making these programs a standardized part of schools and our society as a whole, we can help cut down the cost of healthcare in America and ensure a healthier future for everyone.

At PHIT America Foundation, we aim to improve the physical and mental health of children all across the United States by providing kids with increased physical activity programs, like our AMPED programs, as well as helping children afford to play organized sports. By doing this, we aim to better the lives of these children, but also to better our country by helping to reduce healthcare costs and avoid becoming dependent on medical care. Find out how you can get involved and bring an AMPED program to a school near you!