Overall Trends - This Pandemic Must Be Reversed 

  • The Lancet, the world's leading medical journal, declared there is global inactivity pandemic in 2012
  • Sitting is the Smoking - More people in the USA today are dying of physical inactivity than smoking1
  • More people are dying of physical inactivity than being overweight or obese...combined1
  • Physical inactivity was the strongest risk factor for severe COVID-19 outcomes after advanced age & a history of organ transplant6
  • 82 million Americans (adults and kids) are totally sedentary - They are not active in more than 100 different activities or sports...not even once in the past year!
  • Physical inactivity is a direct influence on increased healthcare costs1
  • 96% of women in C-Level positions in companies played sports as children -- Sadly, only 52% of girls today play a sport7

Trends & Facts for Our Kids Only Are Not Healthy

  • In a 2020 UNICEF report, US kids are ranked LAST in physical health among 38 'rich' countries
  • The number of kids active 3 times a week in fitness activities is declining3
  • U.S. kids are ranked 47th out of 50 countries in global fitness by the British Journal of Sports Medicine6
  • 93% of children are not active to CDC physical activity standards2. This represents 50 million children. 
  • There are 10 million kids who are total 'couch potatoes' - not active in any of 105 different activities once in the last year3
  • Based on present trends, 60% of all kids today will be obese by the age of 308
  • 3/4 of all teens in the U.S. are not fit enough to join the military4
  • The only thing that kids are moving today are their fingers...with addictive, sedentary electronic devices
  • With these trends, we have generations of kids who can't run, jump, kick, throw, catch or even stand on one leg! They are healthcare time bombs!

The Roots Of Physical Activity, Schools, Are Not Healthy

  • 48% of all schools have NO physical education5
  • Other schools have cut back physical education dramatically
  • The average budget for an elementary school for PE is $462 for a year...for the entire school5
  • Many schools have no recess5
  • Kids who have PE in school are 2-3 times more likely to be physically active...outside of school3
  • The 'Sit & Test' education approach is failing!

Income Inequality Exists For Activity Levels...Especially For Kids  

  • 16% of adults and kids from high-income families are physically inactive...while 47% of low-income individuals are sedentary4
  • Kids from low-income families are dramatically more sedentary than kids in families with higher incomes4
  • 46% of kids in high-income families play a sport today...versus only 27% of kids in low-income families 6

Want more information, check out the 'Inactivity Pandemic Report'


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