Here Are Just A Few Of The Ways Sport Teaches Life-Long Lessons

  • Build character and social skills like teamwork, cooperation and leadership
  • Develop higher self esteem and body image
  • Ability to handle winning and losing while being a good sport
  • Helps children develop discipline
  • You learn to set goals & then work to achieve those goals
  • Statistics show that children who are involved in sports while in high school are more likely to experience academic success and graduate from high school
  • You develop basic motor skills needed in your day-to-day life

Sport, in a nutshell, prepares a child…for life!

Female Executives Say 'Sports Accelerated Their Careers'

When you see a top female executive, we bet she grew up playing sports! And, research supports that theory.

While we can see the physical benefits, participating in sports has many other benefits. In a study by the Women's Athlete Business Network and ESPN W, 94% of the respondents had participated in sports and close to three-quarters (74%) agreed that a background in sports can help accelerate a woman's leadership and career potential. Close to two-thirds (61%) said that past sporting involvement has contributed to their current career success and that a background in sports had a positive influence on their own hiring decisions, with more than two-thirds (67%) highlighting a background in sports as a positive influence on their decision to hire a candidate.