“Exercise is Miracle-Gro for the brain”

Yes, the research is conclusive. Active kids do better in school. The quote above is from John Ratey, MD from Harvard University. Dr. Charles Hillman has down expensive research and concludes, “Kids perform better on academic tests following single bouts of exercise.” And, Dr. Carla Castelli from the University of Texas states, “The more vigorous the activity, the greater the cognitive benefits.”

Want More Evidence, Look At The Research Studies Listed Below

It is not ironic that while more and more kids are inactive, academic scores have declined. We must take the evidence here to every school teacher or administrator and say, “Let’s implement the PHIT America programs if we want our kids to do better in school!”

Conclusive Research:   Improving Fitness = Improved Academics Results

Look at this research below. If this is not enough, check out any of more than 10 other studies which conclusively show we must get every child more physically active and fit.