Physical Activity Is The 'Wonder Drug'

Thomas Frieden, former Director of the CDC, said, “Physical activity really is the ‘wonder drug.' It makes you healthier.  You live longer.”

The facts are clear and dramatic. Physical activity has so many benefits:

  • Reduces the chance of being overweight or obese
  • Reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduces your risk for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • Reduces your risk of some cancers
  • Reduces your risk for high blood pressure
  • Strengthens your bones and muscles
  • Improves your ability to do daily activities and prevent falls
  • Increases your chances of living longer

And, don’t forget what physical activity does for the mind, learning and self esteem, which you will learn more in the other sections of the benefits section of our website.

Stress Relief - Get Fit!

There is no question increased physical activity will reduce one's stress level. Burn off that anxiety and get moving! You will feel better physically and mentally. 

We Have To Prevent Health Issues and Healthcare Costs 

With more and more kids becoming physically inactive, health issues will rise. And, healthcare costs will climb even more than they are today. We must put PREVENTION in healthcare for our kids.   

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION has stated, "When we invest $1.00 to increase physical activity, we will save $3.20 in healthcare expenses."   Look at the rise of healthcare costs. Let’s put our ‘Wonder Drug’ to work to prevent this from happening.