1. US Kids are ranked last in physical health - Ranked 38th out of 38 'rich' countries - UNICEF

  2. US Kids ranked 47th out of 50 countries in fitness - British Journal of Sports Medicine

  3. 93% of all kids are not active to CDC physical activity standards - Sports Marketing Surveys, Inc.

  4. US math & reading test scores have not changed in the past 10 years;- Nation's Report Card; 'Sit & Learn' education is failing our kids

  5. Inactivity rates are dramatically higher with low income Americans

  6. 60% of today's youth will be obese by the age of 30

  7. Inactive kids develop diabetes, high blood pressure and other pre-existing conditions more quickly. COVID-19 targets!

  8. 62% of kids can't afford to play a sport

  9. Inactive kids have less developed muscles and bones 

  10. Almost 50% of schools do not have physical education; Many have eliminated recess

  11. Nearly ¾ of all teens are not fit enough to join the military - National security is at risk

  12. Healthcare costs will balloon when this generation of kids grows up.  We must control healthcare cost through PREVENTION - Physical activity will prevent healthcare costs. 

Check out IP.PHITAmerica.org for more data and sources of all the above data