We are a national 'Movement' to greatly improve the physical and mental health of 50 million children in the USA by providing all kids with increased physical activity programs and helping children afford to play organized sports. By doing this, we create many more active kids who are healthier and better students. 


Introduce at least 50 million children to a life of increased physical activity and fitness by 2030. We have a plan to beat the 'Inactivity Pandemic'. In the USA, over 90% or 50 million kids are not active to CDC physical activity standards.  USA kids are ranked last in physical health among 38 developed countries according to UNICEF. In another study, USA kids are ranked 47th out of 50 countries in fitness. And, even national security is at risk due to the 'Inactivity Pandemic'. 3/4 of all teens are not fit enough to join the military. One of the major reasons is almost 50% of schools have eliminated physical education and many others have greatly reduced the frequency. 


We go 'where all the kids are' in elementary schools and rebuild physical activity programs. Our PHIT America AMPED program is our core program. We get kids running and walking and teach basic physical activity skills. This program cost less than $10 per child to implement.  For kids who want to start to learn a lifetime sport, we have two after-school programs - PLAY TENNIS and PLAY GOLF.  

These children will show improved health and academic improvement through our physical activity and sports programs. We also have plans to ask the federal government to help with this pandemic and am confident we can get this done. 

We also educate Americans on the 'Inactivity Pandemic', how we can fix this pandemic and our efficient programs. 


PHIT America needs your help. Whether you represent a major corporation, a national or local foundation or just an average American, we have ways you can help HERE

We plan to have hundreds of sponsor companies who will support our 'Movement.'  Our goal is to have up to 10 Presenting Sponsors. You can see the companies and organizations which have recently supported PHIT America HERE


We presently have more than 1,000 local Ambassadors and Fan Club Members. These local influencers and members of our 'Movement' are constantly supporting our mission and plans.  We plan to have hundreds of thousands of Ambassadors & Fan Club Members in the near future. 

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