PHIT America
1032 15th St NW #108
Washington DC 20005-1503



Leadership Team

Jim Baugh, CEO & President 

Mike May, Director of Communications & Volunteer Relations

  • Duties: Public Relations, News Flash Articles & Ambassador & Fan Club Relations

Karl Talbot, Special Consultant on Video Media; President & CEO of Talk Enterprises

  • Duties: Video, Documentary, & General Marketing

John Ballantine, Program Coordination and Implementation

  • Duties: Strategic Leadership, Operations & Program Implementation

Board of Directors

  • Jim Baugh, CEO & President, Jim Baugh Consulting, Sports Industry Hall of Fame Inductee, Former President of Wilson
  • Mike May, Secretary, Mike May Marketing
  • Doug Gordon, Gordon Consulting & Former Sports Industry Executive
  • Dave Landa, CEO of Kintone
  • John McNulty, CEO of Didgebridge
  • John Ballantine, Every Kid Sports
  • Brian Curin, CEO & Co-Founder, Little Kitchen Academy